Tuesday, October 02, 2007

redifff zindabad

HA HA HA HA>>>> LOLZ and LOZ and even more LOLZ

Was waiting for moderator to approve the image for my islant… And they pestered me, piqued my curiosity Had a nice laugh at this late hour… REDIFF Zindabad all thanks to this amazing piece of Terms and Conditions. All comments in red are mine and mine alone :)


In the interest of all Rediff iLand members the photos/ images uploaded by you are subject to moderator's approval before they are made public.

Photos/ Images… Dear Legal Eagle( Hereafter LE) please also mention the file format

Puhleaseeeeeeeeee puhleaseeeee

We hope you will co-operate with us and be patient with the inevitable time gap between the uploading and the visibility of photos images on the site.

Dear LE ‘visibility of the photo images’… hi hi I wish u could see the smirk on my face..:)

Posting any content (text, audio, video, images, photos, etc.) amounts to publishing and such content that is

1. unlawful,
as per dictionary.com
not lawful; contrary to law; illegal.
born out of wedlock; illegitimate.) I LIKE THIS ONE

illegal, ( YAHA PAR BHI LE)
pornographic, ( please allow itsy bitsy please…I have my mummy ji permission)
prohibited, ( by whom dear…military junta of Myanmar)
derogatory, ( am I allowed to call u intelligent heee hee )
libelous, (if I call you Intelligent will it be libelous…I sure its scandalous)
indecent, (Dear LE will Never do that ‘GOD PROMISE…PAKKA PROMISE’)
defamatory ( I am sure calling us Legal Eagle is surely not Defamatorily [it just rhymed] )

and which is in violation of intellectual property rights including trademarks and copyrights may attract liability including civil and criminal penalties, injunctive redress or imprisonment

under relevant Indian ( Dear LE is ‘relevant Indian Law’ is looking OXYMORONIC [added IC] aur waise bhi Tahreek par tahreek…. Dates and Dates… ohhh LE will I be DOWN {naaa I am guy ….gotcha you}

or International laws.

(Dear LE will INTERPOL come after me…how SEXCITING oooops that S was needless)

Rediff.com reserves the right to deny service to you including the right to remove/block the contents ( contents?????)posted/uploaded by you, in the event content violates these guidelines

Enuf for naw….. KYo KI tajee ratey Hind dafa 302/212 a,b,c and 420 key tahat...


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