Tuesday, December 08, 2009

veering towards right...and its bothering me

I always considered myself a congressee.

May be its soms and barkhas of the world that are responsible for this catharsis.

It was ilk of inane communists that killed the left in me .

Who do i vote for now???

On a very personal level i like rahul baba as he is TRYING to be MANDELA.

His actions are right

I am not too sure abt his motives.


I should vote for congress... yet again.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sabbaticals suck.

Months or is it eons since my last post. And it was a forward but garnished with an original emotion. So what is that i can write without googling and that too under the influence of good old beer!

  • a bit abt maoists
  • a bit abt Indira congress
  • a bit abt chinas geopolitical ambitions
  • a bit abt fiend ship
  • a lot abt my love!
But what is that i would want to write abt
  • a bit abt bade gulam ali and the amazing thumri he composed for his wife
  • a bit abt bachhan and his amazing madhushala composed for his wife
  • a bit abt imroz and what he wrote for amrita
  • a bit abt amrita and what people felt that she felt for sahir
  • a lot abt my love!t
so what is that i write ....

a lot of this, a lot of that, and a bit of love!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009

a stuff that hit me.

हुस्न गुलशन हुआ नहीं होता
दिल अगर फूल सा नही होता.

आदमी ने कहा नहीं होता
तो खुदा भी खुदा नहीं होता

जाते जाते बता गया वो मुझे
दूर माने जुदा नहीं होता

अक्स शायद बदल गया मेरा
आइना बेवफा नहीं होता

आँख से खूँ टपक गया 'ग़ालिब '
अब रगों में जमा नहीं होता

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Title: Her highness

On a serious note
If life was a road she is my right turn!
followed by: a sweet smile

And as always on a frivolous note
Darpan my dear brother (a talented writer)here is a triveni of my own for my dear wife

Shayad Tu Kalpna sey agey
Shyad Tu Shabdo sey parey

Par yakinan a big pain on my pichwarey

followed by: a ravana like laugh

Dear mrs sah
Above mentioned fruitless triveni is just to make smile.
Get well soon.
Yours truly,

followed by: a wry smile and a grin(only I can do that)

Monday, March 02, 2009

eja-my mother

i never came across a women more beautiful, a women more dignified.
happy womens day maa in advance

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traditional kuamoni folk musician-

He is from Nakori some 3 hrs drive from bageshwar. They normally play in temples and festivals.
I dont think his Son will be doing the same.
so Long tradition on my beloved kumoan.

i dont blame him , it has no money.

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traditional kumaoni lady

oh i lament for you my kumaaon.
oh i lament for a language all but dead.
oh i lament customs customised like that the PLASTIC aipan i bought this deepawali.
oh i lament for you my kumaaon.

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Monday, February 09, 2009

Thursday, January 08, 2009