Wednesday, September 19, 2007

British woman gets 20 years for "honour killing"

I read the news ...
the news did not move me .... i was not violated ?????

i said Hmmmm.... moved on to the next news item

Have become i become immune CLEARSALISED - i.e 'I Dont Care'

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to give u a better perspective....

look at the protagonists of the 'NEWS STORY'

Was murdered, brutally slaughtered ...strangulated

Sukhdev -Husband - A relic
Has Serious Manhood issue ... Mate your women does not love you ....
Got that...let her go dude...

Bachan -
Mother -in(-carcerated by )-law
scheming old B#$. she is too old to be cursed i know

nothing more to write.....

Please do read...

click here to read the entire story .No not a story a tragedy- simple life snuffed out in the name of Honor.

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lord of the Curves

Men may lust after the woman with the perfect body, but most would be too nervous to drop their clothes in front of her, a new poll has found...

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I agree but with an Errata.. I am never too nervous to drop my clothes ...NEVER :)


Ranting time...

To me , there is nothing more beautiful than a women with ample curves and come on why not ? i may be a visualiser by profession but at times you need some thing tangible - 'a bit of meat' ( no offense to the ladies)

I look at a women- Chemical reactions fueled by million years of evolution forces me yea FORCES me to evaluate the two 'B's' (bigger the better) and mind you it's all Instinct :( but after 10 secs sanity prevails and I start look ing for the third B ( yea i mean brain) . I have tried to curtail this instinct but who am i to contradict Darwin and evolution

found two more articles

So all in all Curves Rule .

So Kate Moss types never attracted me and it’s natural cos like all men I am at a very primal level attracted towards women with rounded hips, which is a sign of their ability to carry and nurture their offspring. So long live Voluptuous Ladies…

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Mattel products banned in Brazil

Thank lord for small mercies…

No friends no its not the MNC bashing time so have not done the following

Million Incantations of OM KRAM KRI KRO KARL MARXUM NAMA to invoke all Marxist/ Socialist Spirits
2. not w
earing a Khadi Kurta
3. have not
gathered all the ciggie butts to smoke em again
4. no c
heap whiskey
5. no
torn khadi bag

I HATE the CAPITALIST THUGS from matel for brain washing entire generation of sweet little lucy, kartina, seta gita, mary, gurcharan….(u should see my angry face now). They are running a perfect racket(will delve into it later). And that’s not all, now they are poisoning are kids….. (This time I am really angry).

No I will not talk how MNC’s have been exploiting third world countries or abt the pathetic conditions in the sweat shops or poor work hygiene and lousy quality control

I will rant abt some thing personal… my own experience with BARBIE ..

so here we go

Barbie is every schizophreniacs delight… you have GI Barbie, Nurse Barbie, Saree Barbie it bloody goes on and on and to top it all she an extended family(grrrrrrrrr) and friends that will give any karan-johar-one- big-happy- family-and-hangerons an inferiority complex.

No!!! My niece does not want only but she wants her boyfriend too

“hey Uncle my Barbie has a fight with her BF she wants to talk to her friend
(here goes another 400 bucks)

Uncle my Barbie wants to go on a PICNIC
(here goes another 1000 bucks)

My Best Friend is single and lonely she really likes this Guy
(here goes another 800 bucks)

Uncle she wants a doggie

Uncle she wants…………………

I got so paranoid that I had to see a therapist (another 20 k)



On a very serious note Mattel screwed up big time... its the hieght of corporate negligence and should not be let of the hook...(gosh am i dreaming ,yea i am cos it wont happen)

Monday, September 10, 2007

The Cosmic Philosopher

Pain and love has over the centuries contributed 80% of the literature (if want apple pie on your face, please DO quote me) and as I am perpetually in love and with onset on this severe pain (nothing terminal-just a tooth ache) it becomes my moral obligation to dish out some inane crap.

Pain was never my forte and my love is BHESON MEETHA(sweet) and too personal to discuss here. But then have to CRAP so will crap about love albeit a different kind – John Lenon-ish kinds the Universal Kinds and as I am not too much into soul-searching and redemption bit so will talk abt one Comic Characters THE COSMIC PHILOSHPER – The Silver Surfer.

Bit About Him

Created by Jack Kirby ,it was Stan Lee who gave Silver Surfer(Norrin Radd) his NOBILTY.
  • Born is planet of Zen Lah
  • Madly in love with Shala ba and later mantis and briefly with NOVA(another herald of Galactus)
  • Galactus gave him 'Power Cosmic' and Surfboard that can travel at phenomenal speeds and is telepahically linked to the Surfer
  • Mephisto-the lord of underworld ,thanos ,elder etc are his arch enemines

Why do I like him….

Cos he is like a typical character out Shakespearean Drama- He talks to himself! Most of his soliloquies (mind you they are the very best) are about love and longing, about men and mankind, and about freedom. And yea he is from city of nawabs - lucknow for he is forever speaking in the third person. See for yourself




Yea he is true blue tragic Shakespearean hero with all the trapping – Angst, anger, righteousness, longing desire, lost love, misunderstood, and on the path of redemption.