Thursday, March 12, 2009

Title: Her highness

On a serious note
If life was a road she is my right turn!
followed by: a sweet smile

And as always on a frivolous note
Darpan my dear brother (a talented writer)here is a triveni of my own for my dear wife

Shayad Tu Kalpna sey agey
Shyad Tu Shabdo sey parey

Par yakinan a big pain on my pichwarey

followed by: a ravana like laugh

Dear mrs sah
Above mentioned fruitless triveni is just to make smile.
Get well soon.
Yours truly,

followed by: a wry smile and a grin(only I can do that)

Monday, March 02, 2009

eja-my mother

i never came across a women more beautiful, a women more dignified.
happy womens day maa in advance

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traditional kuamoni folk musician-

He is from Nakori some 3 hrs drive from bageshwar. They normally play in temples and festivals.
I dont think his Son will be doing the same.
so Long tradition on my beloved kumoan.

i dont blame him , it has no money.

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traditional kumaoni lady

oh i lament for you my kumaaon.
oh i lament for a language all but dead.
oh i lament customs customised like that the PLASTIC aipan i bought this deepawali.
oh i lament for you my kumaaon.

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