Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Lord of the Curves

Men may lust after the woman with the perfect body, but most would be too nervous to drop their clothes in front of her, a new poll has found...

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I agree but with an Errata.. I am never too nervous to drop my clothes ...NEVER :)


Ranting time...

To me , there is nothing more beautiful than a women with ample curves and come on why not ? i may be a visualiser by profession but at times you need some thing tangible - 'a bit of meat' ( no offense to the ladies)

I look at a women- Chemical reactions fueled by million years of evolution forces me yea FORCES me to evaluate the two 'B's' (bigger the better) and mind you it's all Instinct :( but after 10 secs sanity prevails and I start look ing for the third B ( yea i mean brain) . I have tried to curtail this instinct but who am i to contradict Darwin and evolution

found two more articles

So all in all Curves Rule .

So Kate Moss types never attracted me and it’s natural cos like all men I am at a very primal level attracted towards women with rounded hips, which is a sign of their ability to carry and nurture their offspring. So long live Voluptuous Ladies…

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