Friday, August 17, 2007

Phantom: Chalta Phirta Betaal

Phantom -My hero....
I literally grew up with him loved him and there were others like Garth, Rip Kirby,Tom Sawyer , mandrake along with first afro-hero lothar, king of seven tribes, and not to forget the adventures of the First Indian Hero Bahadur and his lovely friend bela... I would like to call my self GEN -I i-e generation Indrajal :).

Living on third floor... Once in every 15 days (later wekely) along with our TOI , Dharamayug, Sapthaik Hindustan it came(bundled in black rubber band) Indrajal. AAAAAHHHH... and wait was worth it if only if it was Phantom.

But enuf of inane emotional ramblings...

Why is phantom so amazing

  1. He was never bitten by some spider ... or exposed to gama radiation like hulk or cosmic radiation like fantastic four or is a mutant like X-men... he is so like us ...he is so human so like batman but sans his angst or anger or even hate... He is a regular guy
  2. Incidentally he is the first hero to wear leotard that to with undies over them & above all the striped ones and carry them with elan and poise(am i sounding like simi gerewal)
  3. he is one hero that was and is most socially relevant ... he fought against piracy, slave trade and talked agaisnt despotism and clan/ tribal warfare in he was/is NELSON MANDELA with .45. ALL THE RIGHT CAUSES... even his wife worked for UN. The first hero with a conscience (others would be green arrow and silver surfer...but HECK they dont count )
there are dozen reason more... but what makes him special is he is true to what the first phantom swore..

"I swear to devote my life to the destruction of piracy, greed, cruelty, and injustice, in all their forms! My sons and their sons, shall follow me"

Some basic Facts abt Phantom. all random and no googling ;) . Will not dilute my memories...

  1. Created by lee falk
  2. known as ghost who walks
  3. Lives in a skull cave
  4. Has a horse - Hero , dog (not exactly- a wolf)-devil, hawk-farraka, elephant-jumbo, prehistoric man and a dianasour in small seclude island called EDEN...dont even try to approach it... it is filled with Pirahana and not to forget SOLOMON and NEFRETTITI (wont tell you who they are :) )
  5. carries .45 ( and gosh he know how to use em)
  6. Best friend guran
  7. Also known as kit walker
  8. Married to diana palmer(mandrake attended his marriage so did president luaga)
  9. HasTwins Kit (all first male born are names as such) and heloise (the hanta witch one of previous phantoms wife)
so much more trivia is stored... but u need to look at few panels to understand... more abt phantom

The warning sign of phantom... the skull

The good samaritan... bringing up an orphan rex

Figting against toxic dumping in the 3rd world countries ruled by milatery Junta...(phantom was alway Current)

This panel is a corner stone of phantom tribute to lee falk


  1. Thank you for reminding us of our shared heritage. Gen I is a blast from the past!!!

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